New Noise Magazine, Album Review: 7Horse – “Songs For A Voodoo Wedding”

7HorseSongs For A Voodoo Wedding (Self-Released)

I’m not sure what I was expecting based on the cover shot, but this isn’t it. Joie Calio and Phil Leavitt are the driving forces behind this duo, and were inspired by a true voodoo wedding they attended. However, it sounds more like they got lost on the way home and wandered into a blues bar with plenty of Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin in the jukebox. The large amount of riffs and gritty rock aren’t in short supply here, and there’s the occasional Americana moment where the band really shine, making this both classic and soulful influenced rock that warrants repeated listens. (Tom Haugen)

7Horse – Songs For A Voodoo Wedding - Inforty

Joie Calio and Phil Leavitt play the sort of rough around the edges blues-rock that sounds both modern and retro, and seems to be as influenced by The Stones as much as today’s version of Americana. Adept at both speedy classic rock as well as simmering and soulful, it’s pretty clear these guys have a wealth of talent and aren’t spreading themselves too thin. Imagine The Black Keys on steroids.